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GREENWOOD DISTRICT, B.C  - Boundary District in Canada , Republic in USA

     Geology and Metallogeny

              … New ideas for an old camp

Gold Production in B.C.

    Rank   Camp      Gold Production

1 Bralorne 4.2 million oz

2 Rossland 2.5 million oz

(USA)Republic 2.5 million oz

3 Hedley 2.5 million oz

4 Eskay Creek 2.3 million oz

5 Premier 2.0 million oz

6 Greenwood 1.3 million oz

Recent exploration successes in Washington State


10 new mines discovered in past 20 years

        Lamefoot:             2 million tonnes @ 7 g/t Au

       Crown Jewel:        7.2 million tonnes @ 6 g/t Au

      Golden Eagle:       10  million tonnes @ 3.4 g/t Au (unmined)


       >3.5 million new ounces gold discovered


        Geologically/structurally similar to Boundary District (Canada)


         Limited exploration activity in Greenwood until recently

Lots of Au in the area – over 7.5 M oz past production

New models and ideas lead to new exploration targets

3.5 M oz Au discovered recently in Washington State

Similar geology and structure accross usa/bc border

Lots of activity this year  * Still properties available

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